Fringe Bleach is a powdered, oxygen releasing, bleach for treating browning and color bleed on cotton fringes of oriental rugs.

  • Begins to work as soon as it is applied to fringes and continues to work until you have reached the desired level of whiteness and rinse it.
  • This oxidizing bleach reduces or removes browning from fringes by adding oxygen to it.
  • Fringe Bleach is odorless and effective.
  • Rinse with fresh water after use.

Ready to use pH is 6.0

Instructions: Mix 1/3-1/2 scoop of Fringe Bleach in 1 gallon of water. Apply with a soft spotting brush to browned cotton fringes on oriental rugs. After desired whiteness occurs, rinse with water and dry rug flat.

Warning: Use on colors at your own risk. The manufacturer will not assume responsibility for bleaching of colors. Do not mix or add to any material except water. Do not use on furniture. This product will bleach out color on most fabrics.