Cotton Ease Shampoo is the premium shampoo formula for cleaning white and Haitian cotton.


  • High performance liquid cleaner for all Haitian, Tahitian, and other raw cotton fabrics.
  • Capable of cleaning very effectively without browning and corrects browning from previous cleanings without bleaching the fibers.
  • Dries to a fine crystalline powder that easily vacuums out.
  • Not for use on colored cotton. Colors can be lightened.

Ready to use pH is 5.5 – 6.0


Mix 1 part Cotton Ease Shampoo with 4 parts warm water (26 oz. of product per gallon). Using just the foam with a sponge or upholstery brush, clean the fabric then vacuum or towel dry. The same method can be used to correct browning on Haitian or raw cotton.