Traffic Lane Cleaner w/ Biosolv

Original Traffic Lane Cleaner with Biosolv®A specially formulated pre-spray concentrate for hard to clean carpet areas.Still the best …. even after 20 years!

Over the years, no single product has consistently performed better than our Original Traffic Lane Cleaner. As new technology is developed, we have continued to refine our original formulation to bring you the best heavy soil-loosening and laborsaving pre-spray available. Use our secondary labels (product # P.13525) on additional ready-to-use bottles—they look just like our bottles!

Partner with Chemspec detergent for powerful cleaning — It readily combines with detergents to help loosen soils that resist detergents alone.

Contains Biosolv® for extra power — Biosolv® is a Chemspec exclusive ingredient that boosts normal cleaning power. Its synergistic action increases your cleaning efficiency. Biosolv® makes Chemspec products clean faster, better, and easier than other comparable products.

Buffered pH — Even in diluted form the pH remains a powerful 11.0 to 12.0 for quick soil loosening.


  • As a pre-spray: Dilute by putting 12 ozs. of Traffic Lane Cleaner in a one gallon container and filling with water. Apply to carpet “traffic lane” by using a portable sprayer. In order to increase cleaning efficiency, brush lightly with a hand pile brush.
  • To use in conjunction with dry powder cleaning: Dilute concentrate as specified above. As a cleaning solution booster: Add 3 ozs. of Traffic Lane Cleaner to each gallon of ready-to- use shampoo or detergent solution.
  • To use as an all purpose spotter: Dilute 16 ozs. of concentrate with 32 ozs. of water and apply before corrective cleaning.Chemspec Helpful Hint —
  • For use on rapidly re-soiling olefin carpets, pre-spray using a stronger concentration (18 – 20 ozs. per gallon of water).
  • Spray entire carpet, brush in, and extract with Chemspec Formula 90 .