Express Lane TLC

Express Lane A heavy-duty traffic lane cleaner for use on stain-resistant carpets as well as high traffic areas.Innovation …… even after 30 years!

As new technology is developed, we continue the Chemspec tradition to bring you the best heavy soil loosening and labor saving prespray available.Dual

Surfactant and No Residue — Our new TLC is specially formulated with a dual surfactant/solvent system which is more effective in penetrating and releasing embedded soils. It is effective at 32:1 on greasy/oily soil, asphalt walk-off and other water and oil-based soils. As with every Chemspec product, Express Lane rinses off completely, leaving no residue.Solves wick-back and yellowing.

For wick back problems or yellowing due to problems associated with glue back carpets, saturate with a 10:1 dilution. Allow 5 – 10 minutes of dwell time, then extract with any Chemspec detergent.Buffered pH — Even in diluted form the pH remains a powerful 8.5 – 9.5.Directions:

  • Vacuum carpet thoroughly with a pile lifter.
  • Shake product well before use.
  • Mix 4 ozs. of TLC with 1 gallon (32:1) of water and apply with a spray pump.
  • Brush in and allow 5-10 minutes of dwell time.
  • Extract with a Chemspec detergent of choice.