Serum 1000®

Organic Stain and Odor Remover

Step 1 Cleaner

SERUM 1000 reacts with Catalase Enzymes generating and releasing
large quantities of oxygen. This reaction generates profuse foam that
boils, to the surface, organic stains and other contaminates from deep
within the porous material, for removal later. This reaction also occurs
with oxides on surfaces such as wood, thereby brightening the
appearance of the surfaces. The brightening process is a much slower
process and may take up to 1 to 4 days to complete.

SERUM 1000 brings all soil to the surface for vacuuming with HEPA
filtered vacuum equipment. After vacuuming, our process yields clean
brightened surfaces free of organic stains and other contaminants.

The best method of application of SERUM 1000 is by airless sprayer.
This will allow maximum coverage in the least amount of time, saving
labor costs compared to other hand wipe methods of stain removal on the
market today.

The application of SERUM 1000 does not generate and/or leave behind
hazardous chemicals, does not harm inanimate surfaces not harmed by
water and does not leave anything behind to gas off into the interior
environment after drying.

Relax while the dynamic duo, SERUM 1000 and SERUM 2000 protects your assets.

  • A Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner
  • Cleans Organic Stains From Surfaces
  • Oxidizes Odors
  • Removes Oxidation From Wood To Lighten Appearance
  • Harmless To All Surfaces Not Harmed By Water
  • Biodegradable
  • Degrades Into Water and Oxygen
  • Foams On Contact With The Catalase Enzymes
  • Boils Soil To The Surface
  • Coverage 300 Sprayable sq. ft./Gallon