Powdered Formula 90 An ultraconcentrated, anti-corrosive, low foaming carpet detergent for use in all hot water extraction units.

Contains corrosion inhibitors — The right combination of proven corrosion inhibitors have been added for maximum protection of all metals commonly found in steam extraction equipment.

Self-defoaming — Chemspec’s lab-tested and job-proven special defoamers prevent foam build-up in recovery tanks for better equipment performance and cleaning results. Crisp, dry residues — Powdered Formula 90 dries to a non-tacky, crystalline powder which can easily be vacuumed away. Minimum residue allows for a longer lasting, higher level of appearance between cleanings.

Packaged for convenience — Powdered Formula 90 is available pre-packed in 1½ pound tubs. Each tub, mixed with 5 gallons of warm water, makes 5 gallons of concentrated stock solution for use with truck mounted extraction systems. pH buffered — Special buffering agents have been added to maintain an optimum pH over a wide range of dilutions, allowing for maximum cleaning efficiency.

Easy to use — To make a concentrated stock solution: mix 1½ lb. of concentrate to 5 gallons of water. To make a ready-to-use solution (for portables): mix 1 – 2 ounces of product to 5 gallons of water.

    Chemspec Helpful Hints —

  • Fill your container 1/4 full with warm water. While continuing to fill the container with water, gradually add the proper amount of Powdered Formula 90 simultaneously until the container contains the proper amount of water according to the instructions. Stir mixture until the powder is dissolved.
  • For optimum defoaming results, mix and use. Powdered Formula 90 within a 10 hour period. After this 10 hour period performance is not affected, however, defoaming capabilities may be reduced.