Oriental Rug ShampooA neutral pH shampoo for use on oriental rugs, wool rugs, and carpets, as well as other specialty textiles. For use in rotary, rotary-extraction, or dry-foam equipment.

Approved for use on wool – Tested by cleaning Research International in accordance with the New Zealand Wool Board performance criteria.

Buffered pH – The optimally efficient pH range of 7.0 – 7.3 yields maximal cleaning while safely handling sensitive dyes.

Free rinsing – Specially formulated to leave a minimum of residue, leaving a plush hand and maximum sheen.

    Easy to use –

  • For rotary-extraction (Chemstractor) cleaning: Mix 8 ounces of product with each gallon of warm water (16:1 dilution ratio).
  • For dry-foam equipment: Mix 16 ounces of product with one gallon of warm water (8:1 dilution ratio).
    Helpful Hints –

  1. Thoroughly vacuum the entire carpet before cleaning.
  2. Place cardboard or plastic under machine when filling tank over carpeted area.
  3. Use a hand brush to clean corners and other areas the machine cannot reach.
  4. Clean carpet in 3 foot squares if using a rotary cleaning machine. When cleaning with a foam- generating machine, clean in a straight line and overlap after each pass.
  5. Use a hand pile brush to set pile in one direction after cleaning.
  6. Use plastic protectors under all furniture that will touch wet carpet.