Liquid Defoamers — Concentrated Liquid Defoamer eliminates foam buildup in the recovery tanks of portable or truck mount extraction machines as well as rotary extraction, foam and wet vacuums.Stop foam buildup problems in ALL types of machinery.

Eliminates the nuisance of foam buildup in the recovery tank of AL Lcarpet and upholstery, portable, truck-mount extraction, foam, rotary extraction or wet vacuum pickup.

Concentrated Defoamer is designed for use in the vacuum recovery systems of portable and truck mounted extraction and foam generating carpet and upholstery machines. Super Concentrated Defoamer is specially formulated to combat “swirling foam” found in rotary extraction and wet vacuum pickup systems.Easy to use —

    Concentrated Defoamer

  1. Shake product well.
  2. Vacuum 10 – 12 ozs. of product through the vacuum hose into the recovery tank for each 25 gallons of tank capacity. Use more defoamer if desired for increased defoaming capability.