Crystal Defoamer Eliminates troublesome foaming from detergent residues left in carpet.For use with portable or truck mount extraction cleaning machines.

Prevents foam from developing throughout the entire system — Prevents foam from developing right at the carpet, not just in the hose or recovery tank. Keeps on working to prevent foam in the entire wand, hose and vacuum tank.

Completely soluble — The crystal carrying agents in Crystal Defoamer dissolve completely when wetted by detergent solution or water. This allows the complete product to be extracted, leaving no defoamer residue.

Odorless — CrystalDefoamer creates no odor in use and leaves no “after odor” in the carpet. Your carpet cleaning keeps the clean fragrance you and your customers expect.

Saves time and labor — One application of Crystal Defoamer over the carpet defoams the entire job. No periodic stopping to renew defoaming properties. No removal of hose from wand. No extra mess to clean up from a leaky spray bottle. No possible spotting.

Easy to use — Before extraction cleaning, lightly and evenly apply Crystal Defoamer directly to carpet. Generally, only a few tablespoons of Crystal Defoamer per 100 square feet of carpet are required to completely prevent foaming. If carpet contains an extra heavy detergent residue from previous cleanings, increase the quantity of Crystal Defoamer used.

  • Fragrance: Low
  • pH of a 1% solution: 5.5 – 6.5
  • Appearance: White crystalline powder
  • Coverage: Up to 3,000 sq. ft. per lb.
  • Packaging: 4/8 lb. cases & 50 lb. containers