Sapphire 270 SS

The Sapphire 270 SS measures 16” x 34” x 40”, but don’t let the size fool you. This revolutionary unit actually exceeds competitors’ cleaning performance with a machine unit only half the size. It’s powered by a 1500 PSI pump with last-step chemical injection to maximizes pump performance. And with complete temperature control, you can ensure optimal results on every carpet cleaning, upholstery, and flood extraction job. This space-saving unit is not only built to clean, it’s built to last. The Sapphire has fewer parts than any comparable unit for more reliable service and easier maintenance, and with its exclusive short-reach service design, all serviceable parts are within 8 inches of the unit’s exterior. The Sapphire’s high-strength frame reduces vibration, which can wear down the unit over time. The frame’s unique design also helps extend drive belt life by directing cool air over the belts during operation. And every unit is backed by Sapphire Scientific’s no-hassle 2-year warranty.