Kool Tape – For use with KoolGlide Carpet Seaming Tool – an entirely new way to seam carpet! There’s no carpet damage due to heat, there is no odor; there is great adhesion and it’s simple to learn and use!

(For use with KoolGlide Carpet Seaming Tool, Item No. AK086)


  • Clean, fast adhesion at the push of a button
  • Bonding on demand in seconds
  • No smoke, no carpet damage or discoloration
  • A powerful bond that can be removed minutes or years later, for easy repair or on-site rework

The KoolGlide and Kool Tape system melts adhesive using a pre-programmed heating cycle, controlled by a state-of-the-art microprocessor. Precise amounts of adhesive and tightly controlled heating provide for a consistent low-profile seam.

  • No waiting for the tool to heat up
  • The tool never gets hot, so there’s no danger of burns to the operator
  • The tool never touches the adhesive, so there’s no messy cleanup
  • No fumes in the operator’s face
  • No carpet discoloration

See it in action – Carpet Seaming Videos


Carpet Seaming
A 5-minute training video describing how to use the KoolGlide™ Model 100 Carpet Seaming System to install new carpet and repair seams.


Unión de alfombras – Español (vínculo)
Un video de capacitación de 5 minutos que describe cómo utilizar el Modelo 100 del sistema de unión de alfombras KoolGlide para instalar alfombras nuevas y reparar uniones.

See KoolGlide (Item No. AK086) for Operating Instruction Manual