Hydro-Force Injection Sprayer with Wide Mouth

The original injection sprayer (100 – 1,000 PSI)

Item No. AS08

Finish Jobs Faster with Hydro-Force™ Injection Sprayers

For those that demand the best, the Hydro-Force Injection Sprayer Plus
has all the great features you’ve come to expect along with a new 5 qt.
container that makes the best sprayer in the industry even better! Cut
your spray time in half! Quickly apply carpet presprays, deodorizers,
tile and grout cleaning solutions, sanitizers, protectors and more.

  • NEW, patent-pending container design makes the Hydro-Force sprayer the most convenient sprayer on the market.
  • Large side-fill port – refill without removing the injector assembly
  • Wand holder to keep your wand off your customer’s floor
  • Recessed handle – no more annoying velcro straps
  • Operating pressure range of 100-1,000 PSI
  • Eliminates annoying mixing required by pump up sprayers
  • High-quality quick connects allow your gun to swivel and permits quick removal

  • 5 qt. transparent container w/qt. measurement markings
  • Quick connects for swiveling and quick removal
  • Spray gun rated at 2600 PSI and 7 GPM
  • 7 dilution ratios using metering tip kit NA0816A (sold separately)
  • Chemically-resistant seals
  • 18″ stainless steel wand
  • Rotomolded container
  • Tethered cap


General Function:

The HydroForce Injection Sprayer is based upon an injection system
that consists of a specially designed valve that injects a concentrate
chemical into the high-pressure water flow from the machine. Hydro-Force
is designed for use with incoming water pressure of 400 P.S.I. The
water flow is automatically reduced as it passes through the injector
valve, thus reducing the pressure approximately 64%. To obtain the
actual working pressure of your Hydro-Force Injection Sprayer, multiply
your incoming pressure by 36%. The Hydro-Force injection sprayer is
factory set inject chemicals at a 1 to 8 ratio. Other chemicals may be
used but should be prepared for a 1 to 8 dilution. The Hydro-Force
pressure can be increased by putting a smaller jet at the end of the
wand. This will, however, decrease the injection rate of your
concentrate chemical. Your injection ratio may also change depending on
the viscosity (thickness) of your concentrate chemical. The 1 to 8 ratio
is based upon chemicals with a smilar viscosity to water. The injection
ratio can also be slightly affected by your main flow water
temperature. This is generally not enough of a change to appreciably
change effective-ness of your system. We do, however, recommend the
water temperature be kept below 200 degrees Fahreheit, as higher
temperatures can cause problems on the injection.


Pre-Spray and Traffic Lane Applications:

Hydro-Force Injection Sprayer eliminates the hassles of measuring and
mixing. We recommend you keep an extra 5-quart container or two on your
truck to make sure you never run out and to facilitate quick changes of
your chemical containers. Remember that Hydro-Force Injection Sprayers
automatically mixes at a 1 to 8 ratio. If your 5-quart container is full
then that is the same as holding an 11 galon pump sprayer of regular,
ready to use pre-spray. We have found that Hydro-Force Injection
Sprayers offer better penetration and overall coverage than most other
sprayers. It is therefore possible to pre-spray your jobs up to 45
minutes before you reach that area to be cleaned. An effective way to
use the Hydro-Force for pre-conditioning or small to medium jobs is to
start at the door coming into the house, spraying all the traffic areas,
working your way to the farthest point back in your job. You have then
completed your pre-conditioning in just seconds and are prepared to hook
up your wand and start cleaning your way out. Keep in that yor
Hydro-Force is spraying 3 to 4 times the amount of product your normal
pump sprayer is putting out. This means you must move quickly to avoid
over-applying. Protector should be applied in even slightly overlapping

Patent Number: 6182911B1

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Metering Tip Kit (NA0816A)
AS68A – Hydro-Force Bottle with Cap and Tether
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AS69A – Hydro-Force Bottle – Tether Only
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