Heavy Duty Soil LifterA prespray concentrate specifically designed for upholstery, draperies & carpets.Specifically designed for prespraying

upholstery as well as delicate draperies and carpets — Chemspec Heavy Duty Soil Lifter is a special formula of select ingredients designed to loosen stubborn dirt and oils found on upholstery, draperies and delicate carpeting.

Makes upholstery cleaning easier — Heavy Duty Soil Lifter loosens soils making them easier to remove. Reduces the need for excessive rubbing and the chance of abrading fibers of delicate upholstery fabrics.

Safe to use — Heavy Duty Soil Lifter contains no harsh aliphatic or aromatic solvents.

Use with wet or dry cleaning methods — Specially formulated to be used as an upholstery prespray for both wet and dry cleaning methods. One product can perform ALL textile prespraying needs.

Pleasant aroma — Heavy Duty Soil Lifter has a clean, lemony aroma designed to heighten cleaning. Cleaning is easier and the “clean” aroma is left throughout the room.

Can be used as a detergent booster in wet cleaning detergent systems — Combines with virtually every wet cleaning detergent system to boost cleaning ability. The unique synergism created by combining Heavy Duty Soil Lifter and your detergent provides an extra 1-step cleaning power.