Fast Drying Upholstery ShampooFor use in specially designed foam
generating upholstery cleaning machines or with traditional hand
cleaning methods.

Rich, stable, soil-lifting foam – Chemspec laboratories, using input
from leading professional upholstery cleaners throughout the nation,
developed Fast Drying Upholstery Shampoo to efficiently cut and lift
greasy types of soil and suspend it away from the fiber until vacuumed.
This suspension is performed through a unique, rich, stable,
soil-lifting foam as deemed so important by the professional upholstery
cleaners. Soil is not “pushed” into the upholstery like other shampoos
on the market.

Crisp, dry residue retards resoiling – Fast Drying Upholstery
Shampoo is formulated so that any shampoo residue remaining after foam
removal dries crisp and completely. The crisp dry residue is designed
to tie-up any greasy or oily soil for fast, complete dry vacuum
removal. The result — no oil, no soil, and no residue to promote
resoiling. Upholstery appearance remains higher longer.

Formulated with special quick drying agents – Fast Drying Shampoo
has added advanced formula, quick drying agents to speed drying time.
The extra quick drying results in moisture leaving the fabric faster
and reducing the possibility of shrinking. You have more “control” over
the cleaning and the final results.

Reduced chance of “crocking” upholstery dyes – The addition of
special quick drying agents in our Fast Drying Upholstery Shampoo
formulation reduces the time that upholstery dyes remain moist thus
increasing the range of upholstery dyes which will not “bleed” during
the drying cycle.

Concentrate for economy – Fast Drying Upholstery Shampoo is delivered
in a concentrated formula. Add 12 parts water to make efficient soil
removing upholstery cleaning use solution for maximum economy.