Oxygen Release Emulsifier

“Oxygen Release Emulsifier” is a completely Biodegradable safer cleaner
that utilizes natural oxygen released during the cleaning process to
brighten textiles and destroy microorganisms. When used as directed,
“Oxygen Release Emulsifier” will give you a cleaner, brighter, fresher,
residue free clean. “Oxygen Release Emulsifier” contains no solvents,
no butyl, no surfactant, no soaps and no chlorides.
cleaned with “Oxygen Release Emulsifier” stay clean longer because no
residue is left behind to cause re soiling or contribute to chemical

For Truck Mount extraction
concentrate, dissolve 1 lb.(apporx. 3 cups) “Oxygen Release Emulsifier”
Powder into 5 gallons of water and set flow meter at 6 to 8 GPH.
portable extractors, dissolve ¼ lb. (Approx. ½ cup) into 10 gallons
water. “Oxygen Release Emulsifier” may be used as a pre spray solution
prior to cleaning. For pre spray solution dissolve 2 oz. “Oxygen
Release Emulsifier” powder per 1 gallon of water and pre spray heavily
soiled areas prior to extraction clean.

achieve best performance, cleaning solution temperatures should be from
150 to 200 degrees F. Higher temperatures will achieve greater oxygen
release for better brightening and microorganism kill rate.