Delmhorst Navigator Pro – Restoration Package

State-of-the-Art Moisture Meter for
Restoration Pros

The Navigator Pro is the state-of-the-art in moisture measurement technology
for the water restoration pro! This three-in-one meter integrates pin and
pinless technologies in one instrument. With an optional hammer probe you can
take all required measurements including RH, temperature and moisture content
of virtually any material. Plus, the Navigator Pro corrects for materials
temperature for TES operators!

In addition, the Navigator Pro offers outstanding data logging capability so
you can document that you are drying correctly to justify your charges and
protect yourself from liability. Comes with insulation probe and carrying case.

Restoration Pacakge Contents: Includes Meter, 26-ES electrode, 2-E electrode,
21-E electrode, PC/KIT software application program, (1) RHT-C1 cable and
carrying case. Great for the restoration contractor who needs to provide