This neutral prespray is a solvent-free formulation for cleaning delicate wool carpeting and natural fabric upholstery. It will safely and effectively allow you to clean cotton and wool carpeting, while special additives help prevent cleaning related problems. It does not have the obnoxious odor normally associated with cotton cleaning agents and shampoo. Can be mixed with Spotter “RB” for Haitian Cotton Cleaning.

Recommended Applications
Normal Soiling – Residential – Stain Resist
Wool Carpets

Approved Applications
Heavy Soiling – Residential – Stain Resist
Olefin or Polyester – Residential
Heavy Soiling – Commercial

General Usage
Truck Mount: 1:8
Portable: 1:8

Concentrated 6.5
Ready To Use 6.5 – 7.0

Part Number
9061000 – Gallons
9064000 – 4 Gallon Cases
9065500 – 55 Gallons