Bio Break with Citrus Solv
Powdered Prespray for Carpet & Upholstery

BIO Break from Bridgepoint is a complete preconditioning formula for
carpets and upholstery. Grease and oils dissolve in minutes while
protein soils are digested and readied for complete extraction. It is
excellent in restaurants and on problem soils found in homes and

  • POWER OF CITRUS: Bio Break contains the delimonene
    boost of Citrus Solv to cut through greasy soils and provides the
    always pleasant Citrus fragrance.
    Break also contains grease cutting alkaline builders, non-ionic
    surfactant and an encapsulated protease enzyme that go to work NOW on
    the toughest soils.
  • SAFER TO USE: Bio Break contains 6
    ingredients that are considered green for the environment and is safer
    for the user. It is non toxic, contains no butyls, or harsh solvents or
    corrosive alkaline builders.
  • ECONOMICAL: Bio Break will dilute for use in the Hydro-Force or other type sprayers for pennies per diluted gallon.

Ideal for restaurants or residential family rooms.  Bio Break
uses enzymes best suited for breaking down heavy grease and the soil
build-up it causes.  Five to ten minutes of dwell time is all it should

  • Highly concentrated for excellent economy!
  • Powdered form means long shelf-life.
  • 6.5 lbs

    Dilution Ratios: 1-2 oz./gal.     RTU pH: 9.8     Contains: 6.5 lbs