Anti-Allergen Filter Enhancer is a hypo-allergenic treatment for HVAC filters that helps trap and hold proteins in the filter.


Proteins are the main cause of allergies. Anti-Allergen Filter Enhancer improves the efficiency of the filter without decreasing the air flow though the system. Filter manufacturers recommend replacement of filters on a monthly basis.


  • Environmentally safe and does not contain pesticides, perfumes, solvents, VOCs, or other hazardous ingredients.
  • Derived from renewable plant source surfactants.
  • Non-toxic to humans, animals, and plants.

Ready to use pH is 10.0

Instructions: Ready to use. Spray Anti-Allergen Filter Enhancer directly on both sides of new HVAC filters. The filter surfaces should be damp not saturated.

Anti-Allergen Filter Enhancer is an ideal consumer item for sale by the cleaning professional to the homeowner to improve the quality of indoor air.