Tile Cleaner - Emulsifying Alkaline Prespray

  • Model: 1216
  • Shipping Weight: 10lbs
  • Manufactured by: Masterblend

Tile Cleaner is an emulsifying alkaline prespray, which loosens tough oily soils. Works on stone, tile, grout, walls, and other hard surfaces. Great for breaking down waxes and heavy soils to prepare surface for sealing. Low foaming and highly concentrated.

Ready to use pH is 12.1 (10:1 Dilution)

Caution: Tile Cleaner contains a cationic surfactant that could reduce or remove dye resistors in fifth-generation nylon carpets.
Use: Mix below solution well and apply to surface with mop, sponge, or sprayer. For best results on horizontal surfaces, use with an in-line pressure sprayer, allow to dwell for 5 minutes, agitate with a scrub brush, and rinse and extract thoroughly. Do not allow product to dry on surface as this may make removal difficult.


Use                                   Tile Cleaner/Water                Tile Cleaner:Water
Tile & Grout Restoration         128 oz/Gallon                           1:1
Heavy Soil                              13 oz/Gallon                           1:10
Medium Soil                             8 oz/Gallon                           1:16
Light Soil/Wall Cleaning             4 oz/Gallon                           1:32

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