Professional Spotting Kit by Prochem

This is the most complete and practical kit on the market for dealing with the wide range of stain problems faced by every professional cleaner. You ll be able to fill more of your customer’s needs, efficiently and easily. It’s the perfect kit for carpet, fabrics and hard surfaces.

Includes: Tamping Brush, Sprayers, Terry Towels, Product Selection Guide, MSDS booklet, Pro Spotter™ RTU General-Purpose Spotter, Citrus Gel™ Non-volatile Solvent Spotter, Power Solvent™ Volatile Solvent Spotter, Protein and Stain Spotter, Rust Remover, Coffee and Tannin Spotter, Zoop™ Enzyme Spotter, Solv Ink, Pet Spotter and Deodorizer, Paint, Oil & Grease Remover

Dilution Ratio(s): N/A
pH: N/A