OneStep Citrus TLC is a premium citrus carpet prespray for all fibers.


  • A powerful, degreasing preconditioner made from natural citrus solvents for use on all fibers including stain resistant and wool.
  • Environmentally safe with no butyl cellosolve.
  • Boosted with citrus solvents for extra effective breakdown of grease, soil, and grime in commercial and residential carpets.
  • Cleaning action emulsifies water and oil-based soils in carpet, allowing for quick extraction; saving time and labor.
  • Pleasant citrus scent that homeowners love!  

For Stain Resistant and Wool Carpets.


Ready to use pH is 9.5


Instructions: Mix 1 part OneStep Citrus TLC with 10 parts hot water (12 oz. per gallon). Mix well and apply to carpet. For best results use undiluted with an in-line pressure sprayer and agitate with a pile brush or rake.


Formulated to meet or exceed all established standards of wool fiber producers and fifth generation stain resistant carpet manufacturers.