Liquid OneClean® One carpet detergent for ALL types of carpets and rugs, including stain-resistant and wool. For use in all steam extraction equipment.

Developed for use on ALL carpet types – Chemspec’s research and development experts developed OneClean® as the one carpet cleaner for use on all types of carpets. Use OneClean® on stain-resistant, non-stain-resistant, olefin, and even wool!

End confusion – If you’re thoroughly mixed-up over what type of detergent to use on which fibers, worry no more — Chemspec’s OneClean® is the answer. OneClean® was developed to clean all fibers by all manufacturers!

Even the major fiber producers agree – Think of it! The giants of the carpet fiber industry approve the use of OneClean® on their carpet fibers. Never again will you have to check and see who made the carpet fiber before cleaning in order to find out if the detergent you have is right for it. OneClean® cleans them all effectively and safely!

Lowers your inventory costs- Before OneClean® was developed, to properly clean all types of carpet and to protect carpet manufacturers’ warranties, you needed to stock many types of detergents in order to assure you had the correct one. Now you only need OneClean®. You save with volume purchasing, cut waste, plus you need less space on trucks and vans.

Protects your customers’ warranties – You know what a headache it is protecting your customers’ manufacturers’ warranties. Well, now your headaches are over. OneClean® has been approved by the leading fiber manufacturers to protect their warranties when used as directed.

Easy to use – For a truck-mount, mix one quart (32 oz.) with 5 gallons of water; for a portable, you only need to mix 1-1/2 oz. with 5 gallons of water.Tested by Cleaning Research International in accordance with New Zealand Wool Board performance criteria.