MasterSpin Premium Bonnet Cleaner with Soil Retardant is a top quality cleaner for maintaining carpets at high levels of appearance. 

Used in the bonnet or absorbent pad cleaning method, MasterSpin excels at quickly emulsifying soils and removing spots. Soil retardant additives ensure that carpet appearance is maintained for longer periods of time, even in high traffic areas. Fast drying makes this product ideal for use in all high usage facilities that need to be maintained on a frequent basis, allowing for fast re-use of cleaned areas. Very effective for cleaning Olefin carpets.

Each diluted gallon will cover approximately 1000 – 2000 square feet.


Ready to use pH is 9.0

Mix one part MasterSpin with 10 parts water (12 oz. per gallon). Clean carpet using a 175 RPM floor machine and a carpet bonnet. Change bonnets when they become soiled. To improve cleaning efficiency, add up to 1/2 ounce (1/2 scoop) of MasterBlend Accelerator to each diluted gallon of MasterSpin.