AirWash Fire Odor Remover is for wet fogging and deodorizing textiles and hard surfaces. Eliminates smoke odors. Economical 5:1 dilution for use in sprayers and wet fogging equipment. Can be used to treat burnt surfaces by adding to wall cleaner. Add to carpet and upholstery detergents to boost deodorization treatment as you clean.
Ready to use pH is 6.0-6.5

Apply with wet foggers or sprayers:                        
Mix 1 part AirWash with 5 parts water (22 oz. per gallon).
To treat burnt surfaces:
Use full strength applying with a natural fiber brush.
To deodorize and remove soot on smoke damaged carpet and upholstery:
Add 1 ounce of AirWash to each gallon of ready to use solution.