Fiber Refresh

  • Model: 2217
  • Shipping Weight: 10lbs
  • Manufactured by: Mult-Steam


Fiber Refresh™ is a special blend of acids, surfactants, corrosion inhibitors and stabilizers that is especially designed and formulated to be used as a fine fabric rinse and acid rinse detergent. It is used to complete the extraction cleaning job with a New Fresh-N-Clean Fragrance. Its pH neutralizes cleaning residues, stabilizes color, prevents browning and leaves a softer feel to the fabric.

Recommended Applications
Normal Soiling - Residential - Stain Resist
Heavy Soiling - Residential - Stain Resist
Wool Carpet
Approved Applications
Olefin or Polyester - Residential
Normal Soiling - Commercial
Heavy Soiling - Commercial
Commercial Restaurant and Food Service


General Usage
Truck Mount: 32 oz./5 Gallons
Portable: 2 oz./5 Gallons
Concentrated 3.0 - 4.0
Ready To Use 4.0 - 5.0
Part Number
8921000 - Gallons
8924000 - 4 Gallon Cases
8925000 - 5 Gallons
8925500 - 55 Gallons

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